Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Where and when does the group meet?

We meet at Bean Cycle Roasters coffee shop in Old Town Fort Collins, 144 N. College Ave, 80524.  Our meetings are on Mondays from 5:30pm to 7pm, usually in the back of the store on the second level.

I have forgotten much of my high school Spanish. Should I still come?

Absolutely! We welcome Spanish-speakers of all abilities. Plus, you will likely find that after coming to a few FCSpanish.org conversation meetings, you remember more than you think you do.

Are there native speakers in the group?

Prior to 2013, usually not, but since 2014 we have been lucky to have a native speaker or two come almost every week! We do not have more native speakers because there is not much incentive for them to practice a language they are already completely fluent in. That said, native speakers are absolutely welcome and encouraged to join in the fun!

I don’t know ANY Spanish. Could I come to just listen?

Sure! But those who would benefit most from our group are those with already some knowledge of Spanish. This group is fantastic for giving you practice in formulating sentences and speaking on your feet—skills that usually are not exercised in high school or college classrooms very much due to the large number of students and a structured, lecture setting.

However, it is the opinion of the writer of this FAQ (Felix) that the group is not the best resource for merely listening and absorbing. This is because everyone speaks with an (usually American English) accent—and often with grammatical errors. So if you are starting from absolute scratch, it may be better to start out with, say, audio courses or Duolingo.

What do you normally talk about during the conversation meetings?

Anything! There is no set agenda. We often talk about subjects ranging from what we did over the weekend to current events to anything on your mind. It is like a group of friends getting together over coffee to chat, only we do so exclusively in Spanish (and occasional Spanglish).

See the blog for meeting notes.

Is there homework?

Most of the time, NO! And in the cases there are, it is strictly voluntary.

Are there any fees?

No, this is an absolutely free group. Our organization has very little overhead, and the minor overhead that exists is covered by Felix, the group leader from 2007-2021 who still maintains the website.

We do encourage you to, say, buy a drink at the Bean Cycle when we meet there so that they continue to welcome us using their coffee shop to talk!

Can any member organize an event for the group?

Absolutely! In the past we have had movie nights, margarita night and even a Thanksgiving dinner. Just send a message to Felix (info@felixwong.com) and he can post a notice for your event on our Facebook group and this website.