Important Announcements

Here are some important announcements regarding the next couple months for Fort Collins Spanish:

  1. We will continue meeting on Monday evenings outdoors at Library Park (Olive St. side; GPS coordinates: 40.584504, -105.072769) in Old Town Fort Collins for the rest of September, weather permitting.
  2. Starting the first week of October, we will meet inside the Bean Cycle. I will reserve the second floor like before the pandemic, if possible. Since it will be indoors, it would be advisable to bring and wear a mask while the pandemic continues.
  3. After 14 years of leading this group, I will be passing the torch to E (his full name has three syllables and ends with the letter t, but we call him E for privacy reasons) due to a pending move to Spain to live with the love of my life there! Manuel Gant will help administer the Facebook group, which will continue to be the principal means of communicating last-minute announcements. I can continue to administer it remotely as well. Furthermore, I will continue to maintain this website (
  4. E will continue our tradition of having an inclusive environment for hispanohablantes of all levels. Otherwise, he will make the decisions as to where and when the group meets, including whether the group goes back to meeting online if the COVID situation gets too bad again.
  5. Next week (September 20, 2021) will be my last time attending Spanish Conversation until November, when I return to Fort Collins for a little bit.
  6. If anyone is interested in writing the weekly meeting recaps in Spanish (posted on this website), please message me or leave a comment below!

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  1. Although I have been an infrequent attender, your posts and notes have been a great help–as well as learning what an amazing person you are. Congratulations, Felix, and very best wishes with your move and “ of your life”! Congratulations! Good luck!

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