We meet every Monday evening from 5:30-7:00 P.M. at the Bean Cycle in Old Town Fort Collins.

The Bean Cycle is located at 144 N. College Avenue:

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We usually meet upstairs above the Matter Bookstore or—if no tables are available—downstairs in the café on the sofas or around a table. We love the Bean Cycle due to the bike theme, featured artwork, spaciousness, and friendly staff. Please help them love us back by, for example, purchasing a drink.

Felix, Mehdi, and Karla in the Bean Cycle. (Photo: Stan Wolf)

Everyone is welcome to join regardless of Spanish-speaking ability. We usually do not have a set agenda and just talk about whatever comes to mind. The only ground rule is that you try to speak mostly in Spanish. (Spanglish is fine for beginners; we will help you!)

See our blog for meeting notes.

¡Gracias y nos veamos pronto!