Anuncio Importante/Important Announcement

Estimados miembros del grupo,

El 2 de octubre, regresaremos adentro para nuestras reuniones después de una maravillosa reunión de temporada al aire libre en Library Park. Nos reuniremos en el interior y regresaremos a nuestro amable anfitrión de ~15 años, Bean Cycle Roasters, 144 North College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524.

A partir del lunes 2 de octubre, únase a nosotros dentro de Bean Cycle Roasters todos los lunes de 5:30 pm a 7 pm. Considere también apoyar a nuestro fantástico anfitrión disfrutando de una buena bebida o un sabroso manjar durante nuestras reuniones.

¡Nos vemos en Bean Cycle Roasters a partir del 2 de octubre!

Dear group members,

On October 2nd, we’ll be going back inside for our meetings after a wonderful season meeting outdoors at Library Park. We’ll be meeting indoors and returning to our gracious host of ~15 years, Bean Cycle Roasters, 144 North College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524.

Starting Monday October 2nd, please join us inside Bean Cycle Roasters every Monday from 5:30pm-7pm. Please also consider supporting our fantastic host by enjoying a nice drink or tasty treat during our meetings.

See you at Bean Cycle Roasters starting October 2nd!

2 thoughts on “Anuncio Importante/Important Announcement”

  1. I’m confused. I want she’s if you still met cuz I’ve not been practicing Spanish since never the pandemic. So I googled to see if y’all were meeting.
    One response to my Google search said that you meet weekly at Bean Cycle.

    But perhaps tonight, when I how to join you, you’ll be at Library Park? Where at the park?

    Please lmk ASAP as I have invited a friend to join me / us.

    Looking forward to meeting y’all!

    1. Hi Lori! Thanks for writing. We are meeting in Library Park through September. You can find us on the south side of the park. We look forward to meeting you! Starting in October, we’ll return to the Bean Cycle coffee shop.

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